From Father Jordan

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the Grace of our Lord remain always with us!

What a privilege it is for me to write to you today as your pastor. I am grateful to God for this assignment, and I am excited to be here with you! I have heard so many wonderful things about Saint Sebastian Parish! I look forward to getting to know all of you, working with you, and finding the best way we can make Christ the source, center, and end of everything we are and do.

Please join me in thanking Monsignor Montecalvo who has served our community so faithfully, and by his great warmth, has created a sense of community and connection here at Saint Sebastian. I have told Monsignor that he always has a home here; he is always welcome; and that we hope to see him often! Our love and prayers go with him as he enters retirement, and as he plans to celebrate his 45th Ordination Anniversary on October 4. Ad multos annos, Monsignor: we love you!

What do you want to know about your new pastor? So much of that will become clear as we pray, work, and have fun together. In the meanwhile, here are some highlights:

  • I love being a Dominican, and being a Dominican Priest.
  • I have a great interest and love for the liturgy and the beautiful way the Church invites us to pray. The liturgy is my primary concern for our parish, or any parish. The liturgy also touches my tremendous love and appreciation for music.
  • I am excited about leading people to God!
  • As a priest I greatly enjoy welcoming people to our parish. Along with the beautiful liturgy, I want Saint Sebastian to continue to be and to grow as a welcoming parish: the love of Christ has gathered us together!


Father Jordan’s email is  <jordanDOTkellyATopeastDOTorg>

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