November 4, 2018

November 5, 2018

From Father Jordan

 My Dear Ones,

May the Grace of Our Lord remain always with us!

It’s a week later and the incredulity of last Saturday’s attack upon the Tree of Life Synagogue continues to ruminate in my heart and soul. Last Monday, October 29, I attended a Prayer Vigil at the Jewish Alliance located in our neighborhood. The Prayer Vigil was very beautiful as once again the light and warmth of candles pierced the darkness of the night and offered a glimmer of hope in this senseless situation. I was delighted to see a great crowd of our parishioners’ present, as well as Monsignor Darcy and Dominican Fr. James Cuddy from PC. Let us continue to pray for all who suffer from the effects of violence and terrorism; and let us pray for an increasing spirit of reconciliation and understanding throughout our country and the entire world.


A Few Shout Outs

I want to offer a few “shout outs” of thanks, congratulations and welcome: Congratulations to our own Miss Marie who retired from the Providence Public Schools on Wednesday! What will Miss Marie do with all her free time? Thank you to Karin Schrott and her many committee members as the work tirelessly to prepare for the Christmas Bazaar on December 1. Thank you to Bob Short for organizing a Holy Hour last Wednesday to pray for the safety of the Refugee Caravan currently heading North towards Mexico. Thank you and Congratulations to Pat Recupero, Sarah Garcia-Mata, Janice Opalenski, Mary and Jamie Hill, and Fred and Ellen Reinhardt who have volunteered to form our new Parish Council – more as this all develops. Welcome and Congratulations to Stephen Higgins, our new Director of Music and Organist who begins his ministry among us today. Let us pray for Steve as he begins his ministry at Saint Sebastian.

Looking Forward

The bulletin attests to the many activities going on in the Parish: ranging from Faith Formation; Community Outreach; and social events – we are beginning to enter that “most wonderful time of the year!” Let’s make the most of these opportunities to learn about the Lord, to work together, to pray together, and to play together: see the glass half full and not half empty. We need your participation in so many ways! Please look over all that is offered and find a way to be a steward and give of your time and talent to one or a few of the activities taking place.

The Finance Council and Trustees met recently to discuss our current financial status; ways to revise and improve the budget for next year to insure greater transparency; and prepared the annual report which will be coming to all of you soon.

All of this may all seem a bit daunting – it could be. However, when we do all, and we do, in the power of Christ Crucified, there is nothing we cannot accomplish as we do all we do bravely, protected by the Power of the Cross, and striving to establish light and banish darkness!

Until we meet at the altar: O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

 In the Lord,


Fr. Jordan, O.P.



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