December 2, 2018

November 27, 2018

From Father Jordan, O.P.

 My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the grace of Our Lord remain always with us!

On this first day of the new Liturgical year, I greet you with several greetings: Happy New Year!; Blessed Advent; and, Come, Sweet Season of the Wonder!

Beginning last Friday, perhaps even before Thanksgiving Day, the great rush towards Christmas has begun! But inside the walls of this Church and every Church—and I pray, within the walls of our hearts— there is the quiet expectation that waits for Christ to come again in glory; to visit each of our lives with His blessed invitation, “Come, you whom my Father has blest, and receive the reward prepared for you since the foundation of the world”; and, to celebrate again the wonder and marvelous exchange that is ours in the Incarnation—Christmas Day.

Each of the three greetings I mention above are    important. However, it is the last greeting—Come, Sweet Season of the Wonder!—about which I particularly want to reflect with you.

I first heard these words in a simple piece of music many years ago. The entire text sings:

Come, Sweet Season of the Wonder! Come, to      inflame our hearts again! O, Holy Vision, go before us! To earth’s communion, God’s Amen!

Growing up near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Advent was a time of wonder! Whether Catholic or Protestant, the lighting of the Advent Wreath was something that drew everyone together. In my little town of Emmaus, we gathered at the “Triangle” which was the center of town, and sang Advent Hymns as the Advent Wreath in the center of the square was lit. There was also the lighting of the  Advent Wreath on the “Hill to Hill Bridge” and the white lights in the windows—glowing lights to guide the Christ Child to our homes—both of which pierced the dark winter’s night.  Advent STILL is a time of wonder!

The lights of Advent are only a dim reflection of THEE Light: Jesus Christ. the Book of Revelation tells us, “E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come, and night shall be no more; They need no light, nor lamp, nor sun, for Christ will be there all!”

What does this Light do? The Light of Christ inflames our hearts so that we may see anew. How do you and I need to see anew? I offer you the following:

  1. This Advent let your heart be inflamed anew as you go to Confession. During Advent, I will hear Confessions for twenty minutes before every Mass: this will result in Confessions being available to you seven days a week! 🙂 Please, take  advantage of this particular Grace.
  2. This Advent experience the wonder of this Season by promising yourself and your family that the crazy rush of Madison Avenue is NOT going to take over: pray together; have a family Advent Wreath and light it each evening at dinner; and come to Sunday Mass as a family.
  3. This Advent find the wonder of love Incarnate by visiting someone you haven’t seen, or try to heal a broken relationship.
  4. This Advent discover the greatest Wonder is Jesus Christ, your relationship with Him, made incarnate in your family and your fellow

I wish you the most blessed Advent and the greatest Wonder of this Season of Grace: Jesus, the Light of the World!

Please know that you are with me every day at the altar, and please pray for me!

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!

 In the Lord,



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