October 28, 2018

October 23, 2018

From Father Jordan

 My Dear Ones,

May the Grace of Our Lord remain always with us!

Lex orandi, lex credendi: vita vivendi!

 The above phrase has guided the thought and praxis of Liturgical Theology since the 3rd century. What does it mean?  Here is the translation: the law prayed, becomes the law believed, making the life lived. The Latinists in the congregation will know this is not a literal translation, but this more poetic translation has been universally accepted, and has formed our faith.

Prayer shapes our beliefs; and the way we pray and what we believe shapes the way we live. This reality is often overlooked in Catholic life: it was overlooked before the Second Vatican Council, and it has been overlooked tremendously since the Second Vatican Council. Why; if the Liturgy is so important, why would priests and bishops not adhere to this syllogism more ardently? Two main reasons seem most
apparent. First, to celebrate the liturgy well requires thought, dedication, humility, and obedience. The Liturgy, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, calls from us a willingness to suspend our control over time and space and enter God’s time or Kairos: to do this there can be nothing expedient or minimal in the way we approach and understand the Liturgy. Secondly, the Liturgy shapes us to become who God has created us to be: children of our Heavenly Father who live as a people whom God has called to be His own, caring for one another as we help to build His Kingdom until He comes in glory. Both reasons teach us that life and society are not about me; and that we are destined to do great, even difficult, things for God and one another. To pray, believe, and live in this way can be very overwhelming, perhaps frightening. By God’s grace we are able to face any hesitation or resistance, and become willing to allow the Liturgy to shape our praying, believing, and living: we will discover that we can do even that which is most difficult!

It is my deepest prayer and hope that this is how you and I will come to pray, believe, and live. I promise you that if we do the words of Saint Catherine of Siena will be true in our lives, and in our life as a Parish Community:

If you are what you are meant to be, you will

Set the world ablaze!

 May Saint Sebastian’s become a Parish Community that sets the world ablaze!

 Until we meet at the altar: O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

 In the Lord,

Fr. Jordan, O.P.



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