September 9, 2018

September 6, 2018

From Father Jordan

 My Dear Ones,

May the Grace of our Lord remain always with us!

I am always amazed at the goodness, honesty, and concern that I find when I am with you! I am very lucky to be in your midst!!

This past weekend I experienced all of these gifts as many of you spoke to me about many different topics that are burdening your spirit. Not surprisingly, the main topic of conversation is the sexual abuse crisis that is plaguing our Church, and the way the hierarchy of the Church have, or have not, responded to this crisis.

Your pain, frustration, anger, and profound sense of devastation and dismay are palpable. Just as a parent would rather suffer themselves than see their child in pain or unhappy, as your Pastor I wish I could lift all of this from you; I wish you didn’t have to learn or know about the this tortuous topic, or the fallow condition of the hierarchy. However, because you are the Church, you need to know all that has taken place. My desire to remove this pain would do you a grave disservice. Every heartbreak offers the possibility of new life, greater conviction, and more prudent judgment. May God give us such healing in abundance!

As we go through this horrific chapter in our lives, I offer you these points for consideration and prayer:

  • The greatest temptation will be to walk away: don’t. We need the Eucharist, God’s Word, and one another more than ever! Come to Mass angry or in a fog, but come to Mass.
  • The next temptation will be to cast this as a battle between liberals and conservatives: I believe this to be false. It is a battle between good and evil, and the crumbling structure of broken ecclesiastical systems.
  • The next temptation will be to draw broad-stroke conclusions, or to make similar comments – do all you can to avoid this. Paint with fine lines and choose your words wisely: say and do what people need to witness and need to hear. Let our actions and our words lift up one another and not crush the other.
  • Plant seeds of compassion; not seeds of violence.
  • Remember: the Church is all about Jesus! Cling to Him, and turn off the news before it takes your spirit, and disturbs your sleep.

I am only a phone call away. And, I am here if you need me.

Until we meet at the altar, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee!


In the Lord,

Fr. Jordan, OP



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