September 23, 2018

September 19, 2018

From Father Jordan

My Dear Ones,

May the Grace of our Lord remain always with us!

The biggest question I received last week was, “Are you instituting a dress code, Father?” Of course there isn’t a dress code, per se, just the encouragement to consider what one wears to Church. If it’s a choice between shorts and flip-flops and not going to Mass – choose the flip-flops. Let’s continue thinking about and the attitudes and dispositions we bring with us when we come to Mass:

  • Are we grasping the sacred by crossing ourselves, kneeling, bowing, genuflecting, standing and sitting not just because it is a ritual, but with purpose and love?
  • Do we smell the incense, candles, and flowers – the Church itself? Do we engage our entire bodies in worship – all 5 senses – or do we just sit there and wait it out?
  • When we come into Church, do we plunge our hands into the Holy water font and remind ourselves that we were signed, sealed and delivered by our baptism and confirmation as children of God and heirs to heaven?
  • Do we bow our heads upon hearing the name of Jesus? 
  • Do we genuflect by going all the way down on our right knee slowly as a sign of adoration to Christ as King who reigns from the throne of love in the tabernacle?
  • Do we put aside all earthly cares before Mass, get into a zone of prayer and enter a space of worship?
  • Do we carefully observe silence before and after Mass? Do we remember that this Church is the gate of Heaven and the only person to whom we should be speaking is to God?
  • Do we say the responses clearly and distinctly? Or, do we mumble?
  • Do we sing the ordinary of the Mass and the hymns with the beautiful, or not so beautiful, voice God gave us?
  • Parents: You are the priests of the domestic church. That means that your children and everyone else are looking for you to be a model or worship and prayer. Do your actions, responses, and attention tell your children and everyone around you that what we are doing is important?

Let me know your thoughts about these ideas. Our discussion will continue next week.

Until we meet at the altar, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee!

In the Lord,

Fr. Jordan, OP



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