June 10, 2018

June 6, 2018

My dear parishioners,

 A few house keeping items:

1) I spoke with Fr. Jordan concerning our elementary school students who attend a Catholic School. All of you who have students in Catholic Elementary Schools should know the parish has offered tuition assistance to your child (children). This has been my policy for the three years I served as pastor of St. Sebastian’s. Fr. Jordan has informed me he will continue this policy.

So, to this end I need to start to collect the names and which Catholic School your child or children attend. Please do not assume I know that your child goes to a Catholic School. I need everyone to send me an email MCFM1973@LIVE.COM with the name of your child, what school he or she will attend in September, and in what grade he or she will be enrolled.

Please everyone – I need this information by the 24th of June. Please pass this information to other Catholic School parishioners of St. Sebastian’s.

2) Fr. Jordan will be moving into the St. Sebastian’s rectory on Tuesday June 26th. I will be moving out of the pastor’s suite on the 20th of June and will move into Fr. Almonte’s former suite. I plan on moving out of the rectory on the 27th even though I will canonically be the pastor until June 30th.

Have a good week –

Monsignor Montecalvo



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