April 29, 2018

April 25, 2018

My dear parishioners,


I would like to speak with you about the Easter Season of Pentecost..


The great liturgical season of the church begins with the great octave week that solemnities the Feast of Easter by prolonging the celebration over the next eight days, ending on the next Sunday. This Sunday following Easter is of equal liturgical solemnity to Easter Sunday and became known in the first century as “Whitsunday” in reference to the white vestments used during the liturgy. The solemnity is marked in several ways,  one of which is the double “alleluia” in the dismissal rite of the Mass during each day of the week. In the ancient Church, this solemn week was devoted to giving great attention to those newly baptized at the Easter Vigil. In many cultures, this was the week in which many parents brought their children to church to celebrate and remind them of their own baptism.


The genesis of the fifty-day Easter Period and the feast of Pentecost, particularly in the first centaury of the Church’s existence, derives from the Jewish celebration of the Old Testament “feast of weeks” (or Shahuothin in Hebrew). Much was debated and written by Early Church scholars about the calculation of the Easter Season’s fifty days and its theological significance and symbolology. The same is true for the Feast of the Ascension and its “forty day” event in the Easter /Pentecost scheme of things.


More next weekend.


Have a good week…               Monsignor Montecalvo



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