April 15, 2018

April 10, 2018

My dear parishioners,


I’d like to share a few thoughts on the Easter (Paschal) candle. The Easter Season is visibly and singularly marked by the large decorated candle that is prominent in the sanctuary, locally by the pulpit. Some church historians suggest that its origin may be in the lamps used in the synagogues and is a reminder from the Old Testament of the ‘pillar of fire’ denoting “God’s presence.“ The word ‘Paschal’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘pesach’ or passover , the Jewish feast so closely associated with Holy Week and Easter.

For Christians in the early centuries heightened the candle’s symbolic relationship to Christianity.  For Christians, the candle came to symbolize Christ: the True Light that enlightens each person who comes into the world; its virgin beeswax the most pure flesh of Christ; its wick the human soul of Christ; its flame the divinity of the second person of the Trinity; the five grains of affixed incense the sacred wounds of Christ.

During the rest of the liturgical year, the candle is lit for all Baptisms and for all funerals where it is placed at the head of the deceased’s remains, signifying the beginning and ending of one’s life in Christ. It is also lit for the Sacrament of Confirmation to mark the important milestone in our Christian life.


Have a good work.

Monsignor Montecalvo



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