December 24, 2017

January 9, 2018

My Dear Parishioners,


Sir Winston Churchill, the famous British statesman who led England through the horrors of World War II, was a man who prepared the people for a future joy. Churchill was the man to whom the British people (and many throughout Europe as well) looked to bring solace and comfort in the continent’s darkest hour of the twentieth century.  His rousing speeches rallied the British to continue the fight during the midst of almost daily bombing of London by the German Luftwaffe.   He urged his countrymen to conduct themselves so that the British Empire and its Commonwealth were to last for a thousand years.  The Brits believed this was their finest hour!  Churchill convinced Franklin Roosevelt and the Allied leaders to join his cause.  Churchill knew that the dark hour would pass, and that peace, prosperity and joy would reign once again.  He prepared his people and led them to the light of joy.


God asks us to be joyful, but we know at times this is quite difficult.  The journey of life presents us with obstacles, hurdles, detours and problems.  We sometimes move from the heights of joy and expectation to the great valleys of gloom and despair.  But our faith challenges us!   We are to be joyful.  Our Lord is near!


As Churchill inspired the British, so too Jesus in a more real way, exhorts us to follow his plan.  For Jesus is our source of LOVE.  He is our TRUTH.  Jesus is our  way to PEACE and offers us true FORGIVENESS.  Jesus is our source of JOY and HOPE.


Let us rejoice and be glad for the Lord is near:  Maranatha, come Lord Jesus!


Have a great week!  And I’ll see you either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day…..

Monsignor Montecalvo



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