September 3, 2017

August 29, 2017

My dear parishioners,

This week we are lucky enough to have a guest writer!

Few, if any, of us expect that our name will one day be heralded in St. Peter’s Square in a canonization ceremony. And most of us probably would prefer not to be seen as the public picture of piety while still on this planet. But who  among us does not want to be “in that number when the saints go marching in”?

 But how-during all those many hours when our environment hardly gives off the scent of sanctity that we associate with religious practices-does one get from here to there?

 Even if it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be proclaimed St. ________ in St. Peter’s Square, you can still prepare every day t meet St. Peter himself with a broad smile on both your faces when it’s your turn to approach those golden gates. As yourself what Mother Teresa or Dorothy Day might suggest. Perhaps they might offer some ideas along the following lines. (Or… Fill in the blanks yourself…)

Some small suggestions:

Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Go out of your way to compliment someone (perhaps adding a thick layer of frosting to the cupcake by also mentioning it to their boss.)

Call a relative who’s frequently a pain in the neck.

Call a person you know is lonely.

At the next meeting of a group you belong to, sit (with a smile) next to someone who tends to get under your skin a little.

Get to know-and then use- the name of a usually anonymous service person you regularly encounter.

The next time your spouse or sibling exhibits some trivial, inconsequential behavior that annoys you, just give him or her an: Oh dear,” and a sweet gentle kiss. Period. (Repeat as appropriate.)

If there is someone in your acquaintance that you have reason to believe suffers from low self-esteem, ask that person to do you a favor using one of their special gifts: bake a pie; fix an appliance; sew a patch; knit a sweater; show your granddaughter how to throw a ball; teach you how to play bridge…

 Some larger suggestions:

 Give a pint of blood (at least once but regularly if feasible)

Babysit occasionally for a single parent.

Make sandwiches for the homeless in conjunction with the parish’s Lenten project (and whenever else you feel so inclined.)

Walk Naso, the pastor’s dog, twice on any Sunday that the homily comes in under eight minutes

 Some really challenging suggestions:

 Get together with like minded people and organize a chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Look hard, every day, for opportunities to perform the Corporal works of Mercy.

 Holy is as holy does.




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