May 21, 2017

May 17, 2017

My Dear Parishioners,

 In July 2016 I celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for a former parishioner of St. Sebastian’s, Mr. Robert Barry. In recent years Mr. Barry moved to the state of Connecticut. Believe it or not, the rules for assisted living are much more accommodating to people’s needs.

Mr. Robert Barry received his sacraments at St. Sebastian’s parish. He attended our parish school when we had a parish school.

I believe it is good pastoral practice to always be kind to former parishioners. I believe if the parish can meet their needs we should. And so when Mr. Barry died, his  niece called and asked if we could celebrate his Mass of Christian Burial at St. Sebastian’s. I immediately said yes.

At the cemetery his niece told me Mr. Barry loved St. Sebastian’s parish very much and that I would be hearing from her. Ten months have passed since Mr. Barry’s funeral. The parish has been contacted from his niece.

Mr. Barry has designated ‘Fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) to the Church of Saint Sebastian, a non-profit organization with a place of worship in Providence, Rhode Island, for its general tax-exempt purposes.’

On behalf of St. Sebastian parish I want to thank Mr. Robert Barry and his family. I ask all our parishioners to keep Mr. Barry in our prayers. I thank God for his generosity in remembering our parish in his will.

Monsignor  Montecalvo



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