March 26, 2017

March 21, 2017

My Dear Parishioners,


I would like to share with you some thoughts on the three basic Lenten disciplines.


  1. FASTING: Expresses our desire to find happiness in God rather than in the satisfaction of our physical needs. The control we gain over our appetites helps us recognize more deeply that all true and lasting pleasure comes from God. Knowing this, we are freed to gratefully accept food and savor it, or to avoid or limit foods that we know are unhealthy for us. Through fasting, our relationship to ourselves is reoriented to God.


  1. ALMSGIVING: Provides assistance to the poor among us and helps us recognize God as the true source of our security. Property and wealth exercise less control over us when we give away or share our wealth out of love for God and for others. Almsgiving is a way of bringing our relationship into the orbit of Christ’s love.


  1. PRAYER: Changes our relationship to God. Through prayer, we admit our need for a power that is greater than ourselves. We acknowledge our limitations and let go of the drive to control everything. In the process, we open ourselves to all that God has to offer us.


St. Padre Pio used to pray this prayer during Lent:

Stay with me, Lord,
because I am weak
and I need your strength.
You are my life
and without you
I am without fervor.
You are my light
and without you
I am in darkness.
Stay with me Lord,
for I desire to love you
and always be in your company.
Stay with me, Jesus, in life with all its dangers,
I need you. Amen.


Have a good week.

Mons. Montecalvo



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