Stay With Us, Lord!

April 5, 2012

The Gospel of John so uniquely makes subtle but interesting theological footnotes throughout his presentation of the Good News.  There is the unspoken tension between Peter (the head of the Apostles) and John (the beloved).  John gets to the tomb first, but he waits for Peter to enter.  You get the impressed Peter looked at the scene and then departed.  John notes the details (the shroud as well as the head covering “rolled up in a separate place.”)   “He saw, and believed!”  Interesting.

How can this be with no infrared cameras, no YouTube, no Twitter, no Facebook to record the most significant event in the human race! But, the Gospel tells us that John saw and believed.  The post-Resurrection accounts all emphasize a bodily resurrection. St. Paul writes this body was now glorified.  Peter and John, as well as two other disciples would encounter this Risen One late in the afternoon on that Easter Day.

This is the most glorious of all days.  The Church, that has been restrained since Ash Wednesday, once again sings the Alleluia…not once, not twice, but three times!!  All is made new because of the Resurrection.  The solemnity takes place in the spring…always the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the spring equinox!  There is new life all around us…in creation, with the newly baptized/ confirmed, and with our own renewed Spirits.

At Easter twilight, two disciples asked their walking companion, who they did not recognize, to stay with them. “Stay with us, Lord”… “Mane vobiscum Domine!”  When they realized who He was, their lives were changed forever. And that dear parishioners and visitors, is my Easter prayer for you.  May you come to recognize the Risen One as you walk along your way and especially in the Breaking of Bread.  He is Risen….come see, and BELIEVE!

A Blessed Easter to All!

Msgr. Darcy


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