We Want to See Jesus

March 26, 2012

“To love another person is the see the face of God…” are the closing words of the world renowned production, “Les Misérables,” currently playing in Boston.  In today’s Gospel, some Greeks wanted to see Jesus.  We do not know if they ever did…the text is silent in this regard.  Yet, we do see Him at every Eucharist as well as in the faith community.  We are approaching the drama of Holy Week. We have to look up to see Him…see Him on a cross!   The cross in the Gospel of John is the sign of glory.


My weekly conversations with parishioners, friends, graduate students, and young adults often centers on what they want to do with their life.  But one insightfully asked, “But what does God want?” Our answer is found only in patient, faithful prayer before God.  Our vocations are varied, the responses are surely personal, but the final goal is the same; union with God.  The Beatific Vision, however, only comes with a price: dying to self, so as to live fully in Christ.  This phrase is easily written or spoken, but it’s a life long journey that comes to perfection only through grace (i.e. God’s love).

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week, a most special time for the Church.  I encourage all to intensify our prayers, our charitable giving, and our abstaining from food or favorite activities.  Red vestments are worn on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.  Think of wearing something red on Palm Sunday as a reminded of the Lord’s Passion that we celebrate during this week called “holy.”

Finally, there rumors abound that eggs will be found on the Church grounds on Easter Sunday!  Sounds like spring to me!!

                                    A blessed week.

                                    Msgr. Darcy


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