Watch, Wait, and Rejoice!

December 5, 2010

Once again, the newspaper is thicker than ever!  It’s filled with everything I’m told I always wanted.  What most of us want and need is a bit more order and peace in our lives…around the table, in the classroom, at our work sites.  What we need is to stop and take a breath.  We need moments of quiet amid an increasing busy season.

Don’t you find that if someone is really important to us, we somehow always make time for them.  But it’s not about “somewhere out there…,” it’s within; within us.  Isaiah comments on the return to the idyllic condition of creation before the sin of Adam/Eve. God created peace; we upset the apple cart.  We are in need of a Savior now more than ever.  You see, it’s not about things…it’s about people.  It’s about God with us; with you and me.

There may be things and people who hinder us from receiving Christ with joy (our Opening Prayer today).  John the Baptist preached to root it out of our lives.  Change it….but change it by cooperating with God’s grace!

Advent is a season to prepare not only our homes and our parish, but also ourselves for the great day of His coming.  The opportunities are all around us like with hats and mitten donations, San Miguel Family presents, Christmas memorials flowers to decorate our beautiful Church, and your special charities to assist others near and far. Tonight at 6PM, we have the opportunity to celebrate the gift of forgiveness in the Sacraments of Penance. As you can see, it’s all about giving….and also about giving in so to acknowledge our need for a Savior.

See you tonight; and Do Not Be Afraid because Jesus will be here…waiting, just for you.

Watch, wait, and rejoice!!

Msgr. Darcy


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